Solar for your Home & Business

They're your devices. Power them when you need to.

Your solar power system produces power from the sun and reduces your electricity bill. You also get the added energy security with a sustainable energy source with the ever increasing electricity charges.

You get the following advantages built-in:

  • Sun doesn't run out - you can smile when the sun is shining.
  • Solar panels cost are reducing everyday.
  • There are no moving parts with minimal maintenance.
  • Effective solution for hot summer months when energy demand is on the high side.
  • You generate what you use.

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Cost depends on a number of factors - your current power usage, location, electricity bill and so on. To find out how SolarElectra can help with your electricity bill cost, get your free quote from SolarElectra.
In the last decade, the price of solar has reduced more than half compared to the regular price hike of public utility. You can lower or eliminate your electricity bill. It also reduces the negative impact on our environment. Solar modules require no maintenance apart from cleaning every few months or with snow accumulation.

Snow will need to be removed from the panels to efficiently generate electricity. Please note that clean panels in snowy conditions act as reflector for higher efficiency in the winter months.
Please request for our maintenance-free batteries.

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